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What do I need to get my helicopter licenceWhat do I need to do to get my licence?

First off, you need to be sure that flying helicopters is something that you really want to do, so what I suggest is... HAVE A GO!

Give us a call and arrange a
Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) for ONLY $700, this is a no obligation flight, consisting of a pre-flight briefing and a 30 minute flying lesson. If you decide to continue learning to fly, this flight counts as part of your training. If you just can't get enough, we also offer an hour long Trial Flight for $1,200.

Once you have made the decision to get a helicopter licence, the type of flying that you intend doing will determine whether you want a Private or a Commercial licence. A Private licence allows you to carry passengers for recreational purposes (but not for hire or reward), whereas a Commercial licence allows you to conduct commercial operations and charge for your services - in other words, you can be employed as a pilot. For a Private licence you need a minimum of 50 hours flying prior to your flight test. A Commercial licence requires a minimum of 105 hours flying prior to the flight test. No fixed wing (aeroplane) experience is required.

You don't have to make a firm decision about which licence you want prior to commencing your training. If you get your Private licence and then decide you want to continue on and get a Commercial licence, you just continue with your training and do the extra 55 hours flying, pass the Commercial theory exams and the Commercial flight test.

Before your first solo flight, you will need to pass a medical examination with a Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME) before being issued with a Student Pilot Licence. If your ultimate aim is to get a Commercial licence, we recommend that you do your initial medical at Commercial standard. Contact
CASA for the name of an approved Doctor near you.

This is where the fun begins!
You will begin your dual flight training in our Robinson R44 helicopter. We are proud of the premium condition in which we keep our helicopters. All our aircraft maintenance is carried out to the highest possible world class standard .

In the last few years, the R44 has begun to dominate Australian Tourism based charter operations. As a result, we offer a special training rate of a 20 hour block, please contact us for further information. The R44 is arguably one of the world's most successful helicopters and having an endorsement in the R44 is a must.

How long will it take me?
There is no definite answer to this question; the time taken to gain your licence depends on how long it takes you to complete your theory, and how often you fly. The frequency that you fly can vary to suit you; it can be anywhere from once a fortnight, to twice a day - five days a week, depending on the availability of bookings, the weather conditions, and your availability.

How much will all this cost me?
This really depends on which licence you want, and how you choose to complete your theory, etc. To minimise your cost, we offer an incentive for buying blocks of 10 hours at a time. Contact us for our current rates.

We do not ask for, or accept, full payment up-front for the flying training as we believe the standard of our training is enough to keep you flying with us.

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