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Adelaide Helicopters Peter McSherryIs it easy to find a job after I get my commercial licence?
The job market is very competitive so a lot depends on you. Your first job will most probably be either flying tourists around or cattle mustering, so you must be prepared to spend time looking for work in the tourist regions or the Northern part of Australia. One of the major factors that will affect your employment prospects will be the school that you train with. It is the standard of the school and its instructors that determines your initial pilot skills, but it is the reputation of the school within the helicopter industry, that determines your job prospects.

Many of the helicopter companies have firm ideas about which schools are acceptable, and which are not, and one of the first questions a prospective employer will ask you is Where did you do your training?

How much will all this cost me?
This really depends on which licence you want, and how you choose to complete your theory, etc. To minimise your cost, we offer an incentive for buying blocks of 10 hours at a time. We do not ask for, or accept, full payment up-front for the flying training as we believe the standard of our training is enough to keep you flying with SCH. Contact us for our current rates.

How much time do I have to invest?
There is no definite answer to this question; the time taken to gain your licence depends on how long it takes you to complete your theory, and how often you fly. The frequency that you fly can vary to suit you; it can be anywhere from once a fortnight, to twice a day - five days a week, depending on the availability of bookings, the weather conditions, and your availability.

Am I too young (or old)?
You must be at least 16 to get a student licence, which is the minimum qualification before flying solo. There is no limit upwards.

I'm wearing correction glasses, is that a problem?
No, as long as you can meet the minimum CASA eyesight requirements, that's fine.

Is flying helicopters safe?
The simple answer is of course, YES! With the proper training and understanding of helicopter operations, you will feel completely safe while undertaking your flight instruction.

Do I fall out of the sky if the engine stops?
Some people believe that if the engine stops you will drop out of the sky like a stone and crash. Well, that's WRONG. During your training you will practice numerous engine failures or Autorotations as they are called. You will quickly see that the helicopter is actually safer than an aeroplane if the engine should stop. The helicopter in autorotation is still under the complete control of the pilot, you can fly forwards and backwards to manoeuvre the helicopter to touch down in a suitable landing area.

Is my instructor experienced?
Your instructor will have at least a thousand hours of helicopter experience. We can assure you will not be lured by the experience of our senior pilots and end up flying with inexperienced instructors, as is often the case. All our instructors who will assist in your training have loads of experience.

Do you carry insurance?
Yes, as with any business this forms a critical component to our ongoing safety and operational success.

How do I start?
If you have read this far, you are obviously keen to fly a helicopter. The first lesson will comprise of a briefing followed by a thirty minute Trial Introductory Flight. Before the lesson is over, you will have had full control of the helicopter. If you decide to continue, this flight is logged as part of your licence training. Our instructors will be glad to assist you, and go through the further steps in becoming a helicopter pilot.

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