Helicopter Theory Course

Helicopter Theory Study at your own pace using the Internet Theory Course Ron Newman has developed that is available on www.OnlineAviationTheory.com

This course has all the subject matter for both helicopter and fixed wing theory to meet the Australian CASA, the New Zealand CASA, and the American FAA. There are over 8,000 questions in it, including all the FAA questions (which they publish) and as many CASA and European JAR questions. When you answer a question, if you select the wrong answer, it will take you back to the relevant section of text so that you can revise it and find the correct answer.

Study yourself by purchasing textbooks on each subject and studying them at home.

There are seven subjects covered in the theory exam; these subjects are:

- Aircraft General Knowledge (Helicopter Engines, Systems and Instruments)
- Helicopter Aerodynamics
- Helicopter Performance, Operations and Planning
- Navigation
- Meteorology
- Air Law & Flight Rules
- Human Performance and Limitations

The allocated time for a Private theory -CYBER- exam is 3.5 hours. The Commercial -CYBER- exam consists of seven subjects that are sat individually.

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