ULTIMATE Top Gun Experience

These flights are a proper flying lesson and are the first step toward acquiring your helicopter licence.

At South Coast Helicopters of Adelaide, we offer you the opportunity to take to the skies at the controls of the larger 4 seat Robinson R44 Helicopter.

The Top Gun Experience is the ideal gift for the "Hard to buy for" person who is either an adrenalin junkie or perhaps an enthusiast that would like to tick their bucket list by getting their hands on the dual flight controls of a helicopter, under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor.

If you are over 16 years old and have no major disabilities you can...

This is the ultimate indulgence package for all helicopter enthusiasts. You will need to set aside at least half a day as you and your flight instructor will start of by performing a full daily inspection of the Robinson R44 Helicopter.

This daily inspection will enlighten you as to how the various flight controls, engine, transmission and cockpit monitoring and redundancy systems operate.

After signing off on the daily inspection it is time for the mission briefing.

Your flight instructor will give you a white board briefing on the various mission objectives, hand over and emergency procedures. You will then receive instruction on how to hold and operate the various dual flight controls in order to successfully and safely fly the helicopter.

Now the theory is complete it is time to get into the air and put it into practice!

After you strap in to the cockpit and run through the startup procedures, your instructor will make the radio calls and gently lift the helicopter in to the hover. This is where the magic carpet ride begins.

As the helicopter climbs into the air, your instructor will initiate the formal hand over procedure and nervous energy turns to pure adrenalin rush as it becomes obvious, you are actually flying a helicopter.

As you become more comfortable with flying the helicopter, you will be tasked with various mission objectives such as tracking along roads and railway lines.

After returning to base, landing the helicopter on the helipad and running through the shutdown procedures, you will scarcely believe you have just flown a full-size helicopter on your own (with the instructor sitting beside you of course).

Achieving the childhood dream of vertical flight is one of life's greatest thrills.

At South Coast Helicopters we like to celebrate your "Top Gun" achievement and welcome you in to the Aviation fraternity by presenting you with an embroidered South Coast Helicopters Hat and Polo Shirt as a memento of your flight.


Flight Duration: 1 Hour

Experience Duration: 3 hours

Note: Due to the longer duration of this flight, you will become more comfortable with the flight controls and at the end of your flight we will give you an opportunity to have a try at hovering.

Cost: $1400.00





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